The Pelvic Floor Connection

Getting Stable With Hyper-mobility

Episode Summary

Think yoga is ALL about flexibility. . ? Think again! Today I have a refreshing and inspiring chat with Devin Garcia from StretchLoveYoga. Devin is a hyper-mobile yogi, passionate to help others find stability in a super flexible world! She shares her hyper-mobile journey through Yoga and Cross Fit, to learn that less really is more! I really hope you enjoy this one! Xx Sj

Episode Notes

Think yoga and exercise is all about being super mobile? This episode is for you! 

I love my yoga, but get frustrated  some yoga teachers and trainers who focus on pushing into poses. Not only does this wreak havoc on the core, but this can be really detrimental to our joints and body biomechanics (think pain and problems!). 

Mobility without stability can be disastrous.

Meet Devin Garcia from StretchLoveYoga. Devin is a hyper-mobile yogi, whose personal journey started with pushing into that flexibility. Fortunately at a young age she was guided and supported into finding stability within her mobile body. 

In today's episode she shares her journey and passion for helping women find stability and strength within a mobile body. 

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